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Health with algae

Vinh An spirulina proud.
Message sent dear greetings.
The youth is radiant.
Maintaining thousands of thousands of beauty does not fade.
Create gentle shades.
Beautiful healthy skin gently captivated.
Vinh An Algae Twisted today.
The ecstatic introduction program.
The women smiled.
Radiant joy ten points awarded
Spirulina uses high technology.
Nutrition content how radiant.
Excellent aging prevention.
Wrinkles, pigmentation spots away from the skin.
Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial antiviral.
Strengthening trace minerals, we pat.
Because we min group close by.
Immediately use spirulina without worry.


Children are like buds on a branch
Care and comfort early in the morning
Stay away from the sunny weather Rainy
sleep worries, love to be gentle
Food and drink Yellow drinks
Constipation is increasing
Warmly breast milk
to the shortage laments extremely
Outside milk sold is full barrel
Con inappropriate, do not use the constant
Antibiotics regular dosing
Rickets lacking in substance, do not specialize in
fiber and water overflowing
daily omissions, alcohol scratching and eating
Lazy movement, having difficulty
Correct treatment, preventing misrepresentation
Mothers, this way
Replenish water every day for children
Stay after every good meal
Helping children exercise, toning rhythm
Enhancing fiber, laxative
Reducing sweetness, fat,
thorough Mommy Starch and bananas bloating
Reduce white rice, drop this disease
vitamins full of essential vitamins , the pure days of
Vinh An glittering algae, sparkling
Accompanied by Mother, fresh green every day.