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Microalgae, Vinh An


VINH AN VIOLENCE VI Vinh Cuu High-tech Agricultural Service Trading Co., Ltd. is a product manufactured under the standard certificate No. 4079/2019 issued by the Food Safety Department – the Ministry of Health on April 19, 2019.

Vinh An Micro Spirulina is a pure product made from 100% natural Spirulina, which is dried by sublimation method, retaining maximum nutrients in the product.

To maintain the beauty of skin, the radiance of adolescence, we all have to rely on intensive beauty products and services to be able to replenish the skin quickly and effectively. Services to improve beauty are born more and more, to serve the maximum beauty needs of women.

Roll needle, nonmetallic, run essences into the skin or algae culture are processes that impact deeply on the structure and change the surface, the spirulina culture is completely painless, bringing many nutritional value to the skin. And absolutely no irritation.

Especially, Vinh An Micro-Spirulina products are allowed by the Ministry of Health to be drinkable to enhance health. Few products on the market have the same effect.