Vinh An spirulina just came out on the functional food market of Vietnam not long ago. But the reputation of Vinh An spirulina of Vinh Cuu High Technology Agricultural Service and Trading Co., Ltd has quickly “stormed” the Vietnamese market because of its outstanding quality, safety and efficiency. Vietnam. Spirulina products of the company are manufactured and licensed by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam for safety criteria for users.

Spirulina Vinh An with nurturing environment in artificial seawater, so the amount of nutritional value is always superior. The protein content of algae always accounts for 65% – 70% of weight 3 times higher than beef, 2 times higher in soybeans, 4 times higher in chicken eggs …

Spirulina contains abundant essential amino acids such as lysine, threonin … very important for children, especially children deficient in breast milk. The rich content of minerals and trace elements can effectively prevent anemia due to malnutrition, and it is also a very good source of nutritional supplements for children who are lazy to eat.

Spirulina contains many anti-aging substances such as β-carotene, vitamin E, and lin-linoleic acid. These substances have the ability to eliminate free radicals through their antioxidant effects, slow down the aging of cells, and the iron and calcium found in algae are both easily absorbed and have a preventive and supporting effect. Treatment of common diseases in the elderly such as anemia, osteoporosis.

Japanese scientists study that middle-aged and elderly people use spirulina and exercise hard is the secret of longevity of humans.

The meaning of protecting the health of spirulina is that after use, all the nutrients that the body needs are replenished at the same time, beneficial for metabolism, anabolic organization, strengthening Since then, resistance has been achieved to prevent disease and promote health rehabilitation.

In Japan, elderly people do not consider spirulina to be a temporary health protection measure, but rather a long-term health protection to limit the cost of medicine and hospital fees.

With the development of society, people’s lives are increasingly improved. We face daily stresses in work and in life. Consequently, the problem of eating is not really much paid attention and food and drinks contain many preservatives. This is why people’s health is reduced, always feel tired, stress …

Therefore, the Japanese scientist stated that: If one hectare of Spirulina is cultivated, the reduced humanity will build 3 hectares of hospitals. ”

The World Health Organization (WHO / OMS) recognizes algae as the best human health food in the 21st century. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes it as a of the best protein sources.



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