vinh an tao

Vinh An spirulina just came out on the functional food market of Vietnam not long ago. But the reputation of Vinh An spirulina of Vinh Cuu High Technology Agricultural Service and Trading Co., Ltd has quickly “stormed” the Vietnamese market because of its outstanding quality, safety and efficiency. Vietnam. Spirulina products of the company are manufactured and licensed by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam for safety criteria for users.

Spirulina Vinh An with nurturing environment in artificial seawater, so the amount of nutritional value is always superior. Protein content in algae always accounts for 65% – 70% of weight 3 times higher than beef, 2 times higher in soybeans, 4 times higher in chicken eggs …


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Vinh An tao



Spirulina has gradually become popular in many countries around the world. Spirulina is a very nutritious food. In the nourishing methods of many nations in the world, Spirulina is considered as a food that creates elasticity, healthy physically and mentally for humans.

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